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The new Alzforum has launched, and we couldn’t be more excited!  To prepare for this event, we took the time to anticipate a few questions you might have.

Do I have to do anything differently to get to the website?

No. Alzforum will still be at the same URL, www.alzforum.org, and you can continue to access content as you always have, with or without being logged in.  However, the new site has several exciting features for personalizing your experience, and you’ll want to log into your Alzforum account to make full use of those features. 

How do I log into my Alzforum account?

The link to login is located in the upper right corner of every page.  If you already have an existing Alzforum account, your login and password are the same.  If you don’t already have an account, the same login link will lead you to where you can create one. 

What if I forgot my password?

We have made resetting your password much easier.  On the login page, click the “Forgot my password” link, submit the email address that you used to create your existing Alzforum account, and instructions for resetting your password will be sent to that email address.

What if I can’t remember if I have an Alzforum account, or I forgot which email address I used?

Anyone who has previously signed up for Alzforum is listed in our Member Directory.  You can navigate to “Member Directory” from the “Professional Resources” tab on the top.  If you had previously elected to display your email address in your old member profile, you will also find that email address listed here.  If no email address is listed, you can contact us at members@alzforum.org and we’ll find out this information for you.

What if my email address has changed?

Contact us at members@alzforum.org and we’ll help you update your address.

Will I stop receiving Alzforum emails?

You will continue to receive our newsletters each week.  In addition, you may choose some topics of particular interest and elect to have us email you as soon as new content is posted.  Check out the “My Alzforum” section to learn more about this feature.