International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases 2021 (Virtual)

Barcelona, Spain

Scientists discussed anti-Aβ therapeutic antibodies, confirming their ability to remove brain amyloid and working to boost their brain exposure. They continued their postmortem of BACE inhibitors in hopes of reviving these drugs at lower doses. Efforts at targeting tau are shifting toward tau’s microtubule-binding section, and α-synuclein trials are grappling with rates of disease progression. Emerging neurophysiology-based treatment approached presented promising early stage data, and clinicians shared experiences dealing with a year of COVID disrupting their trials and worsening their patients across neurologic care. Plus: cool news on astrocytes, tau blood tests, better mouse models and more. Check it all out here.

  1. In Pilot Study, Electric Therapy Improves Memory
  2. More Data on Herpes and Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Does Synchronizing Brain Waves Bring Harmony?

International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias 2021

Online Meeting

At this year’s meeting, held virtually from March 3-5, FTD researchers reported their latest findings, safely distanced from computers around the world. Their field continues to inch forward despite facing daunting challenges. International cohort studies have charted the tortuous course of this spectrum of diseases, arming researchers with increasingly validated neuropsychological tests and fluid biomarkers that they are starting to put to use in clinical trials.

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Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease (CTAD) 2020 (Virtual Meeting)

Boston, Massachusetts

In the age of COVID-19, this year’s CTAD was a virtual one. As an FDA advisory committee picked apart aducanumab’s case for approval elsewhere, presentations at CTAD hoisted another therapeutic—BAN2401—into the spotlight. The protofibril-trained antibody continued to beat back amyloid in extension studies, and forged ahead into Phase 3. Also at CTAD, scientists took stock of clinical studies affected by the pandemic, and presented rigorous validations of smartphone-based cognitive tests. As the pandemic rages on, the field is trying to adapt and move forward in evaluating new treatments for AD.

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AAT-AD/PD™ 2020 Conference: Advances in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Therapies

Virtual Meeting

Caught amid COVID-19, the organizers of this meeting decided on March 10, 2020, to switch to a virtual format. It offered prerecorded lectures and e-posters, as well as livestreamed discussions, “Meet-the-Professor” audio chats, and a virtual exhibit hall. New data included widely anticipated results of the DIAN-TU clinical trial of solanezumab and gantenerumab, and of robust phospho-tau plasma tests. The online stream also brought new data on a range of trials against tau, α-synuclein, and other targets in age-related neurodegenerative disease, and on pathogenesis and other topics.  

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