AlzGene is a collection of published Alzheimer's disease genetic association studies, with random-effects meta-analyses for polymorphisms with genotype data in at least three case-control samples.


The Healthy Exomes database is a repository of genetic variants predicted to be benign with respect to age-associated neurodegenerative brain disease. It contains whole-exome sequencing results from nearly 500 individuals over the age of 60 who did not have a neurodegenerative disease diagnosis or disease-associated neuropathology at the time of their death. This database provides a unique reference cohort of aged individuals without evidence of neurodegenerative disease. The HEX database is developed in collaboration with Jose Bras and Rita Guerreiro, University College London.


This database is a repository of variants in genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Currently, it includes the three genes associated with autosomal-dominant AD (APP, PSEN1, PSEN2) plus two genes associated with AD by way of genetics or the neuropathology of the encoded protein (TREM2 and MAPT). The goal is to provide a comprehensive list of rare variants in these genes, ranging from causative to benign, and to briefly summarize any associated clinical features, neuropathology, and functional effects, as reported in the literature.