HEX (Healthy Exomes)

This database is a repository of normal genetic variability, designed to be a tool for researchers who study neurodegenerative disease. It contains whole-exome sequencing results from nearly 500 people age 60 or older, who did not have a neurodegenerative disease diagnosis or disease-associated neuropathology at the time of death. HEX provides a unique reference cohort of aged individuals without evidence of neurodegeneration, and as such can help researchers evaluate whether newly found genetic variants are likely benign or pathogenic. HEX is being developed in collaboration with Jose Bras and Rita Guerreiro of Van Andel Research Institute, and they have published a description of the database (Guerreiro et al., 2018). Have questions or comments? Email us at hex@alzforum.org.


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28 Dec 2017 The HEX database provides a unique resource for researchers seeking to interpret genetic data with respect to neurodegenerative disease. For more information on this database, see background and methods.   


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Version 1.0, Dec 2017

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