. Retrograde viral delivery of IGF-1 prolongs survival in a mouse ALS model. Science. 2003 Aug 8;301(5634):839-42. PubMed.


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  1. While I am not a scientist, I can understand from your article that in the laboratory you are making progress with production of new healthy tissue in situations which have in the past not been possible to the extent you have seen here. I am 53 years old and have been having typical signs of aging over the past 8 years. But more recently have been having more bouts with loss of memory and embarassing moments when my mind is blank on a persons name I know in front of me. It used to take a few moments for recall these things, now it's taking days before it "floats" back into memory. What should I do to find out more about my neural health and what's possible? Keep up the research. Imagine 13 million baby boomers spaced out! Scary! Pam

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