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Alzforum’s Papers database contains a list of citations focused on Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative disorders. The database is updated weekly, with additions announced in Alzforum’s “Papers of the Week.”

Alzforum started the database in 1996, the year the website launched. Significant citations published prior to 1996 were added to the database. In addition, citations of certain seminal papers that are not indexed in PubMed have also been added.

The database is not meant to replace other citation databases such as PubMed, but rather to serve as a subset of citations that are focused on AD and related neurodegenerative disorders.

Inclusion in the database does not represent an endorsement by Alzforum.

Alzforum members are invited to comment on papers in the database. Comments are submitted to the editors for reviews and postings.

Alzforum members are also invited to recommend papers for Alzforum Recommends status. Papers with three or more recommendations are sent to editors for review and assignment of the Recommended status.

Papers with Milestone status are seminal publications selected by Alzforum’s editors.