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Q: Why is this paper, which was just published, not in the database?
A: There is usually a delay between when a paper is published online and when it is entered in PubMed. See also our selection criteria in the Methods page.

Q: Can I get the full text of the paper in this database?
A: Alzforum does not provide full text of papers; the citation is linked to the PubMed site, where methods to access full text are usually listed.

Q: I noticed an error in this paper; whom should I contact?
A: Errors in papers should be reported to the journal or the corresponding author.

Q: Do you have the contact information for the author of this paper?
A: Corresponding authors’ contact information is usually listed in the PubMed or the journal website.

Q: Can I submit the citation of my paper for inclusion in the database?
A: Alzforum welcomes suggestions. If relevant papers were missed, please email us at contact@alzforum.org.

Q: Are all the papers in this database peer-reviewed?
A: The majority of papers in this database are published in peer-reviewed journals and indexed in PubMed, with the exception of manuscripts from sites such as bioRxiv and medRxiv.

Q: Are papers published in languages other than English included?
A: Yes, as long as they are indexed in PubMed and meet our selection criteria.