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The PubMed database is searched nightly, using a broad range of terms as keyword searches. Alzforum curators screen the abstracts and select papers based on their perceived interest to Alzheimer’s disease researchers. All papers directly related to Alzheimer’s disease are included in the database, with the exceptions of studies focused on patient care or caregivers. Selected studies cover a range of research areas, including, but not limited to, genetics, neuropathology, biomarkers, disease mechanisms, characterization of research models, medicinal chemistry, diagnostics, translational research, and clinical trials.

Papers focused on other neurodegenerative diseases—primary tauopathies and synucleinopathies, Huntington’s disease, and ALS—are included if, in the judgment of the curators, the studies intersect with Alzheimer’s research (e.g., shared neuropathological features, overlapping genetic architecture, possibility of common mechanisms of neurodegeneration).

Citations of seminal papers that were not indexed in PubMed were manually added to the database.

Papers that are cited or curated in Alzforum’s content such as news and databases, are also added to the Paper database.

Retracted papers are retained in the database but are marked as retracted, and a link to the retraction notice is provided. Similarly, if a paper in the database is the subject of an editorial expression of concern, this is noted and a link is provided to the expression of concern.