Name: JNJ-63733657
Therapy Type: Immunotherapy (passive) (timeline)
Target Type: Tau (timeline)
Condition(s): Mild AD
U.S. FDA Status: Mild AD (Phase 1)
Company: Janssen


This monoclonal antibody recognizes the mid-region of tau, on the rationale that such antibodies will more potently interfere with cell-to-cell propagation of pathogenic, aggregated tau than do antibodies targeting the tau N-terminus. JNJ-63733657 was reported to eliminate pathogenic tau "seeds" in a cell-based assay and inhibit spread of tau pathology in a mouse model (see Apr 2018 conference news).


In December 2017, Janssen Research and Development started a Phase 1 trial evaluating safety and tolerability of JNJ-63733657 in 64 participants. Part 1 of this trial administers a single, ascending intravenous infusion to healthy volunteers; based on data from part 1, part 2 will then administer multiple ascending intravenous doses to participants with prodromal or mild Alzheimer's disease. Outcomes include adverse events, JNJ-63733657 exposure in blood and CSF, pharmacokinetic parameters of antibody accumulation, distribution, and clearance, as well as presence of anti-JNJ-63733657 host antibodies. The trial is set to run until February 2019.

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Last Updated: 27 Apr 2018


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  1. To Block Tau’s Proteopathic Spread, Antibody Must Attack its Mid-Region

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