Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network 2012

St. Louis, Missouri

27 September 2012


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Thought you just got an earful on solanezumab? A day after its Phase 3 data presentation, this therapeutic antibody is in the news again, this time as one of three investigational therapies the DIAN Trials Unit has chosen from among 15 nominations. Starting in 2012, DIAN will test solanezumab, Roche's monoclonal antibody gantenerumab, and probably also Lilly's BACE-1 inhibitor in the network's first clinical trial. The trial will enroll 160 carriers and 80 non-carriers from among current DIAN participants, who get first dibs,and additional people who express interest through DIAN's extended registry. This announcement comes two weeks after DIAN scientists, participants, and other stakeholders met at DIAN's hub at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, to exchange scientific news on their ambitious joint project.