AD/PD™ 2024: Advances in Science & Therapy

Lisbon, Portugal and Online

05 – 09 March 2024


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The port city of Lisbon, the launch point of many a voyage of exploration, seemed a fitting site to host the 18th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases and related neurological disorders. Disease-modifying therapies for amyloid plaques now approved, researchers are searching for similar treatments for tau, synuclein, and other potential drivers of neurodegeneration. With more than 4,700 attendees navigating 600+ presentations during five days, often spread across six parallel sessions, the conference was bustling, yet imbued with a sense of discovery. Speakers discussed new small-molecule and antibody therapies, combination approaches, new plasma biomarkers for tau and TDP43, and a good smattering of basic biology, from cellular resilience to microglial diversity. Follow along with Alzforum’s conference coverage.