Pronuclear Injection for the Production of Transgenic Mice


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PI: Jürgen Götz
Affiliation: University of Sydney
Submitted by: Jürgen Götz
Posted Date: 13 Apr 2009

Brief Description

Pronuclear injection is the most widely used protocol for the generation of transgenic mice. Here, we describe all steps involved from DNA purification to the set up of a mouse colony including vasectomy, injection of the DNA into a donor zygote, transfer of injected zygotes into recipient foster mice, screening of offspring and establishment of transgenic mouse lines. We discuss the use of neuron-specific promoters to express proteins with a role in Alzheimer disease. Transgenic expression of a truncated form of the microtubule-associated protein tau (Dtau) is used as an example for the anticipated results. This protocol is available through Nature Protocols.


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mouse model, transgenic

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