Magnetofection Transfection of Murine Embryonic Motor Neurons


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PI: Wilfried Rossoll
Affiliation: Emory University
Submitted by: Wilfried Rossoll
Posted Date: 06 Jun 2010

Brief Description

A protocol for the efficient transfection of cultured primary motor neurons via magnetofection, a transfection technology based on the delivery of DNA-coated magnetic nanobeads. This protocol uses the MF10000 Super Magnetic Plate or MF14000 Mega Magnetic Plate (Oz Biosciences) and NM51000 NeuroMag transfection reagent (Oz Biosciences).


  1. . High-efficiency transfection of cultured primary motor neurons to study protein localization, trafficking, and function. Mol Neurodegener. 2010 Apr 21;5:17. PubMed.


transfection, motor neurons, primary neurons, mouse

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