Postdoctoral Researcher




Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

Principal Investigator

Blanca Diaz-Castro



The Blanca Diaz-Castro lab offers postdoctoral positions to start on the fall-winter of 2019, at U.K. Dementia Research Institute–University of Edinburgh. U.K. DRI’s mission is “to boost, connect and revolutionize dementia discovery science.” There is very strong correlation between dementia and vascular disease. Hence, U.K. DRI Edinburgh focuses on “examining the complex interactions between cells of the brain, immune system, and blood vessels.” In my lab we research the roles of astrocytes on the blood brain barrier under physiological and pathological conditions. We will use mouse as a model and a wide variety of techniques to tackle this question, e.g. classical molecular biology, proteomics, RNA-Seq, in vivo imaging, electrophysiology, multicellular cultures, etc. The lab environment is friendly, stimulating and collaborative. UK DRI Edinburgh has state of the art installations and equipment and it is integrated within the amazing neuroscience community that prides the University of Edinburgh.


Diaz-Castro is looking for motivated candidates that are eager to learn and interested in neuron-glia-vasculature interactions. Researchers with molecular biology, in vivo imaging expertise, and/or coming from the neuro-vascular field are strongly encouraged to apply. Nonetheless, all inspired applications will be considered.