β-Actin (AC-15)

Clonality: monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG1
Methods: EM, IB, IC, IH
Source: Sigma Aldrich
Cat# A1978
(many, unspecified formulation)
Burré J, 2010
Machiya, 2010
O'Connor, 2008
Ohsawa, 2008
Maier, 2008
Luo, 2007
Matheu, 2007
Formulation: aqueous solution, purified, PBS, azide
Reacts in: Bovine, Cat, Dog, Chicken, Carp, Sheep, Pig, Human, Guinea Pig, Mouse, Rat, Drosophila
and Hirudo medicinalis


immunogen = slightly modified β-cytoplasmic actin N-terminal peptide, Ac-D D D I A A L V I D N G S G L, KLH conj.


detects 42 kDa beta-actin

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