Clonality: polyclonal
Host: Rabbit
Methods: IC
Source: DAKO
cat# Z0334
Wang, J, 2010
Wegorzewska, 2009
Grathwohl, 2009
He, 2009
Chu, 2009
Maier, 2008
Breunig, 2007
Ding, 2008
Shaftel, 2007
Formulation: liquid, serum, Ig fract, saline, azide<br />Also available ready-to-use, IR524, 60 tests, or IS524, 30 tests
Reacts in: Cat, Dog, Cow, Sheep, Human, Mouse, Rat


GFAP isolated from cow spinal cord


stains astrocytes, ependymal cells, Schwann cells, satellite cells and enteric glial cells; cytoplasmic



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