Amyloid β [1-42] and Aβ [1-40]

Clonality: kit
Host: Unknown Host
Methods: ELISA
Source: Innogenetics
cat# 80933
blood ß-amyloid kit
Siderowf, 2010
Fagan, 2009
Lambert, 2009
Formulation: well standardized multiparameter bead-based immunoassay for the simultaneous quantification of human ß-amyloid in plasma using xMAP® (registered trademark of Luminex Corp)technology
Reacts in: Human


Uses 3D6 antibody;
3D6 selectively binds Aß peptides with a free amino
group at Asp1 (epitope 1–5)


for simultaneous quantification of different forms of β-amyloid in blood, with check for matrix interference


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