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Name Synonyms FDA Status Company Target Type Therapy Type Approved
ABT-384 Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) AbbVie Other Small Molecule
Acetyl-l-carnitine HCI ALCAR Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals Other Supplement, Dietary
BI 409306 SUB 166499 Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued), Schizophrenia (Phase 2) Boehringer Ingelheim Other Neurotransmitters, Other Small Molecule
CERE-110 Nerve Growth Factor gene therapy Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. Other DNA/RNA-based
Estrogen Premarin™ Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Other Other Hormone Replacement Therapy
Idebenone Catena,
Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Other Small Molecule None
Leuprolide Leuprolide acetate Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Other Other None
Linopirdine DuP996 Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Other Small Molecule None
MEM 1003 BAY Z 4406 Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued), Mild Cognitive Impairment (Discontinued), Vascular Dementia (Discontinued), Bipolar Disorder (Discontinued) Memory Pharmaceuticals Corporation Other Small Molecule None
Minocycline Solodyn,
Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Other Small Molecule
PF-05251749 Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Pfizer Other Small Molecule
Rosiglitazone Rosiglitazone maleate,
Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Other Small Molecule
Saracatinib AZD0530 Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued), Parkinson's Disease (Phase 1) AstraZeneca Other Small Molecule
Sembragiline RO4602522,
Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Evotech AG Other Neurotransmitters, Other Small Molecule
Xaliproden SR 57746A Alzheimer's Disease (Discontinued) Sanofi Other Neurotransmitters, Other Small Molecule