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Name Synonyms FDA Status Company Target Type Therapy Type Approved
BI 425809 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2), Schizophrenia (Phase 2) Boehringer Ingelheim Other Neurotransmitters Small Molecule
Dexpramipexole R-pramipexole,
KNS-760704 ,
BIIB 050
Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Discontinued) Biogen, Knopp Biosciences LLC, Virginia Commonwealth University Other Neurotransmitters, Other Small Molecule
ORM-12741 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Orion Pharma Other Neurotransmitters Small Molecule
PXT864 PXT00864 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Pharnext Other Neurotransmitters Small Molecule
Pimavanserin Nuplazid,
Pimavanserin tartrate
Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2), Schizophrenia (Phase 3), Dementia (Phase 3) Acadia Pharmaceuticals Other Neurotransmitters Small Molecule Parkinson's psychosis
Piromelatine Neu-P11 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Other Neurotransmitters, Other Small Molecule
Riluzole Rilutek®,
RP 54274
Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2), Parkinson's Disease (Discontinued), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Approved), Huntington's Disease (Discontinued) Sanofi Other Neurotransmitters, Other Small Molecule Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in many countries
SUVN-502 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Suven Life Sciences Ltd Other Neurotransmitters Small Molecule