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Name Synonyms FDA Status Company Target Type Therapy Type Approved
ABvac 40 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Araclon Biotech Amyloid-Related Immunotherapy (active)
Acitretin Soriatane ,
RO 101670
Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Actavis, Allergan plc Amyloid-Related Small Molecule Psoriasis in US
Affitope AD02 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) AFFiRiS AG Amyloid-Related Immunotherapy (active)
BAN2401 mAb158 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Biogen, Eisai Co., Ltd. Amyloid-Related Immunotherapy (passive)
Bexarotene Targretin® Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc., ReXceptor Inc. Amyloid-Related, Unknown Small Molecule Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma in US
Donanemab N3pG-Aβ Monoclonal Antibody,
Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Eli Lilly & Co. Amyloid-Related Immunotherapy (passive)
ELND005 AZD-103,
Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Elan Corporation, Speranza Therapeutics, Transition Therapeutics, Inc. Amyloid-Related Small Molecule None
EVP-0962 EVP 0015962 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2), Mild Cognitive Impairment (Phase 2) FORUM Pharmaceuticals Inc. Amyloid-Related Small Molecule
Elayta CT1812 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Cognition Therapeutics Inc. Amyloid-Related Small Molecule
NIC5-15 Pinitol,
Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Humanetics Pharmaceuticals Corporation Amyloid-Related, Other Small Molecule, Dietary Supplement
Nasal Insulin Detemir,
Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2/3), Mild Cognitive Impairment (Phase 2), Parkinson's Disease (Phase 2), Multiple System Atrophy (Phase 2) Amyloid-Related, Other Small Molecule, Other Diabetes
PBT2 PBT-2 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2), Huntington's Disease (Phase 2) Prana Biotechnology Limited Amyloid-Related, Metals Small Molecule
PQ912 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) Probiodrug AG Amyloid-Related, Inflammation Small Molecule
UB 311 Alzheimer's Disease (Phase 2) United Neuroscience Amyloid-Related Immunotherapy (active)