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PAPER Wegmann S, DeVos SL, Zeitler B, Marlen K, Bennett RE, Perez-Rando M, MacKenzie D, Yu Q, Commins C, Bannon RN, Corjuc BT, Chase A, Diez L, Nguyen HB, Hinkley S, Zhang L, Goodwin A, Ledeboer A, Lam S, Ankoudinova I, Tran H, Scarlott N, Amora R, Surosky R, Miller JC, Robbins AB, Rebar EJ, Urnov FD, Holmes MC, Pooler AM, Riley B, Zhang HS, Hyman BT

Persistent repression of tau in the brain using engineered zinc finger protein transcription factors.

Sci Adv. 2021 Mar;7(12) Print 2021 Mar PubMed: 33741591

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