PAPER Everett J, Lermyte F, Brooks J, Tjendana-Tjhin V, Plascencia-Villa G, Hands-Portman I, Donnelly JM, Billimoria K, Perry G, Zhu X, Sadler PJ, O'Connor PB, Collingwood JF, Telling ND

Biogenic metallic elements in the human brain?

Sci Adv. 2021 Jun;7(24) Print 2021 Jun PubMed: 34108207

Stunning Diagnostic Accuracy from a Plasma Protein Panel?

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-06-11 Research News Blood tests in development for Alzheimer’s disease rely on Aβ and phosphorylated tau, markers of its hallmark pathologies. While powerful, these markers are only accurate in about 90 percent of cases. Now, a new study suggests that a broad ...

Private Stock—Brain Taps Skull Bone Marrow for Immune Cells

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-06-11 Research News In a variation on the theme of the brain as immune-privileged, the central nervous system may have access to tailor-made immune cells. This is according to two new studies, one led by Jonathan Kipnis and the other by Marco Colonna, both at ...

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