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Myeloid Metabolic Crisis May Trigger Cognitive Decline in Aging Brain

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-01-22 Research News Why does cognition falter with age? In the January 20 Nature, researchers led by Katrin Andreasson at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, lay the blame on malfunctioning myeloid cells. The authors found that as these cells age, they ...

PAPER Tannahill GM, Curtis AM, Adamik J, Palsson-McDermott EM, McGettrick AF, Goel G, Frezza C, Bernard NJ, Kelly B, Foley NH, Zheng L, Gardet A, Tong Z, Jany SS, Corr SC, Haneklaus M, Caffrey BE, Pierce K, Walmsley S, Beasley FC, Cummins E, Nizet V, Whyte M, Taylor CT, Lin H, Masters SL, Gottlieb E, Kelly VP, Clish C, Auron PE, Xavier RJ, O'Neill LA

Succinate is an inflammatory signal that induces IL-1β through HIF-1α.

Nature. 2013 Apr 11;496(7444):238-42. Epub 2013 Mar 24 PubMed: 23535595


THERAPEUTICS Eli Lilly & Co. Prevail Therapeutics DNA/RNA-based Other In July 2020, Prevail began a Phase 1/2 trial of PR006 in 15 people with FTD due to a progranulin mutation. Participants must be living independently and have symptoms. The five-year study will ...

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