George Church on An Alternative Way to Measure mRNA Splicing

COMMENT These two articles rightly emphasize that RNA splicing measures are extremely important and poorly served by array methods so far. However, there are some problems with using exon junctions for array assays as they propose. (1) Many alternatively spliced ...

Benjamin Wolozin on Cholesterol Again Linked with Alzheimer's

COMMENT Jick et al., 2000; Wolozin et al., 2000). On the other hand, the literature linking cholesterol and cognitive decline is less clear, because some studies have suggested that ApoE4, rather than cholesterol, is more strongly associated with cognitive ...

Dennis Selkoe on Conference Coverage: IPSEN Foundation

COMMENT Dave Holtzman nicely summarizes some of the principal findings of the presenters. In general, there was further experimental support for the conclusion that several different immunological approaches to clearing brain Aβ are effective in mouse models. ...

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