Michael Schlossmacher on Picking up the Pieces of Parkin

COMMENT Three principal issues arise from the literature reviewed by Dr. Wolozin and his comments: (1) an evolving concept that previously separated forms of parkinsonism actually present heterogeneity of one and the same Parkinson's disease (PD) syndrome; ...

Mark Gluck on Functional MRI Images Drug-Induced Memory Impairment

COMMENT Sperling and colleagues demonstrate how functional brain imaging, behavioral analyses, and pharmacological manipulations can be integrated within an interdisciplinary study of the pharmacology of memory and memory impairments. Their important contribution ...

Jim Joseph on News on the Molecular Biology of Aging

COMMENT Homeostatic Control: Relevance to Alzheimer Disease Larsen and Clarke highlight that endogenous homeostatic control over energetics and endogenous antioxidant defenses make cells and organisms better adapted to survival than exogenous intervention. These ...

Leonard Guarente on News on the Molecular Biology of Aging

COMMENT I find the study interesting because our work suggests that SIR2 will be a universal regulator of aging (definitely in yeast and worms) and we recently found that it functions as a negative regulator of p53 in mammalian cells. My hunch is that this is ...

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