Rajiv Ratan on Is It the Curry?

COMMENT I liked the paper very much. It is generally well done and suggests an easy intervention that could reduce AD onset or progression without significant toxicity. Among the questions it raises are: 1.) How does the concentration of curcumin that is ...

Benjamin Wolozin on Aβ Abets α-Synuclein

COMMENT α-Synuclein and β-amyloid: A Linking of Partners to Model Disease Creating transgenic models of neurodegenerative disease has yielded mixed results. The transgenic models of Huntington's chorea and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis have yielded animal ...

David Holtzman on A Kinder, Gentler Alzheimer's Vaccine?

COMMENT The data in the paper by Sigurdsson et al. are convinced that the immunization protocol they used is effective in decreasing plaque burden in the Tg2576 (also called APPsw) mouse model of AD. They present nice evidence that the peptide with which they ...

Ming Chen on Nomenclature Discussion

COMMENT Clarification of the confusing terms such as Aβ, βA, APP, βAPP or AβPP will help the field if they can be standardized. But here, I would like to reiterate the key importance of another "nomenclature" problem, i.e., "Alzheimer's ...

Ming Chen on Nomenclature Discussion

COMMENT Question: Are Alzheimer's Disease and "Senile Dementia" the Same Disease? This perhaps is the most important "nomenclature" problem. AD used to refer to "pre-senile" dementia (PSD; middle age dementia). This name clearly ...

Pat McGeer on Neprilysin Steps out of the Shadows

COMMENT Saido's team (Iwata et al.) infused labeled Aβ1-42 into rat hippocampus and found it was metabolized with a half-life of 39 minutes. They tried many classes of peptide inhibitors and found that neprilysin type were the only ones that prevented the ...

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