Ratan Bhat on Wingless Pathway Helps Tauopathy Take Off

COMMENT This paper describes an extremely important and exciting result that clearly demonstrates for the first time that both human tau as well as the Drosophila homolog of GSK3b, (a kinase implicated in abnormal tau phosphorylation) are essential for ...

Peter Lansbury on Zapping Amyloid with SAP Inhibitors

COMMENT This is a beautiful paper that follows a large body of excellent work from these investigators. However, no data is presented as to how the disruption of the interaction between SAP and amyloid fibrils by their drug candidate affects the fate of the ...

David Teplow on What Makes Amyloid Sticky?

COMMENT Among the most difficult problems for those interested in understanding the structural biology of amyloidoses are how to determine the complete three-dimensional structure of amyloid fibrils and to monitor the protein folding events leading to formation ...

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