Justin Sanchez on Does Astrocyte Tau Cause Dementia?

COMMENT This elegant study by Richetin and colleagues has several interesting and important findings. In human participants with Alzheimer's disease, 3R tau accumulation was observed in astrocytes in the hippocampus, specifically the hilus of the dentate ...

Josh Morganti on Does Astrocyte Tau Cause Dementia?

COMMENT This is a very interesting study that highlights the susceptibility of astrocytes to preferentially acquire pathological features in the form of confirmation-specific isoforms of tau in hippocampal regions burdened by Alzheimer pathology. Seeking to ...

Jean-Charles Lambert on Epigenomic Roadmap Points to Causal Genes

COMMENT This work has several objectives: (i) to establish a systematic mapping of transposase-accessible chromatin (ATAC) regions in seven brain regions from 39 healthy individuals; (ii) from some of the samples used in the previous bulk assay, to perform a ...

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