Eric M. Reiman on Liver Tox Ends Janssen BACE Program

COMMENT While last week’s announcement is disappointing, we believe that BACE inhibitors still hold promise in stopping the accumulation of amyloid and preventing the clinical onset of Alzheimer’s disease—particularly in healthy people who are at increased risk ...

Tobias Hartmann on Cholesterol Greases the Aβ Aggregation Machine

COMMENT These are very helpful results to better understand how cholesterol may impact formation of toxic oligomers. We know about many links between cholesterol and AD, most of which support a risk-increasing role. Cholesterol is extremely abundant in the human ...

Todd E. Golde on A Little Amyloid, A Lot of Trouble?

COMMENT These are fascinating studies. They remind us there is a lot we do not know about the biology of AD. They reinforce that we need to solve the mystery of how Aβ talks to tau. They also show that kinetics matter. There has been some literature (e.g. Wogulis ...

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