Daniela Galimberti on There’s No Tomorrow for TOMMORROW

COMMENT The failure of the TOMMORROW preventive trial is not a surprise. Although the concept that AD has to be prevented rather than cured is innovative and deserves to be pursued in the future, we are far from having tools to select the population to be treated ...

Marcia Ratner on Parkinson’s Risk Genes Add Up to Hasten Disease

COMMENT The subclinical progression and age at onset, as well as clinical progression subsequent to diagnosis of complex age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as PD, is very likely to involve interactions not only between risk genes but also between genes ...

Takaomi Saido on There’s No Tomorrow for TOMMORROW

COMMENT The results are not surprising because TOMM40 is not a major risk factor of AD. Takeda has made a simple mistake in R&D management (see You et al., 2017).  saido 0 APOE ε4-TOMM40 '523 haplotypes and the risk of Alzheimer's disease in older ...

Jessica Langbaum on There’s No Tomorrow for TOMMORROW

COMMENT The TOMMORROW program should be commended for taking on such an ambitious trial—enrolling such a large number of participants is a remarkable accomplishment. While the announcement to discontinue the study is disappointing, I remain encouraged that the ...

Gad Marshall on There’s No Tomorrow for TOMMORROW

COMMENT These news are certainly disappointing. TOMMORROW was the first of a series of new secondary prevention trials in AD to be completed, albeit early. TOMMORROW’s design is different in many ways from the other trials out there: DIAN-TU, API-ADAD in the ...

Martin Raff on Field Loses Beloved Wizard of Glia, Ben Barres, 63

COMMENT Updated from comments delivered at a symposium held January 12, 2017, at Stanford University, to celebrate Ben’s life. Note that on January 19 of this year, Raff published a one-page tribute to Barres' life (Raff, 2018). Ben came to my lab in London ...

Bess Frost on TDP-43 Snarls Nuclear Traffic

COMMENT This paper from the Rossoll group is an important contribution to the emerging concept that disruption of nuclear architecture and nucleocytoplasmic transport are central mediators of neurodegeneration in multiple disorders. The nature of the nuclear ...

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