Philip Wong on Remember: BACE2 Is in the Brain, Too

COMMENT This is a good study that raises the potential side effects of current BACE inhibitors (which do not discriminate BACE1 versus BACE2) due to impact on substrates of BACE2, particularly under pathological conditions. As it is not clear whether this ...

Douglas Galasko on Remember: BACE2 Is in the Brain, Too

COMMENT I read this paper with interest. There are many substrates besides VCAM1 that might be altered as a result of BACE-2 inhibition, with potentially unknown effects on the brain. The magnitude of alteration was clearly higher in the presence of TNF-α, which ...

Gary Landreth on Wiping Out Microglia Prevents Neuritic Plaques

COMMENT The authors present an intriguing study that highlights the interplay between microglia and neurons in the progression of amyloid pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. Although others have demonstrated that early intervention with CSF1R ...

Jean-Pierre Brion on Jacques Nunez, Tau Pioneer, Dies at 90

COMMENT Jacques Nunez was very helpful to me in the 1980s, when he came to Brussels to do a sabbatical in the lab of Professor Jacques Dumont (IRIBHM). He taught me, a young researcher at the time, how to prepare microtubule proteins and tau proteins from rodent ...

Beth Stevens on Field Loses Beloved Wizard of Glia, Ben Barres, 63

COMMENT Ben’s science was driven by his boundless curiosity and passion for understanding the misunderstood—glia. We shared this passion for glia, among other things. Ben was my mentor, my inspiration, and my friend. I miss him dearly. Ben taught me many things. ...

John Cirrito on When Neurons Get Excited, They Spill α-Synuclein

COMMENT The Yamada paper clearly demonstrates that neuronal activity regulates release of α-synuclein. They use a similar microdialysis system that we have used to show that activity regulates Aβ, and that Dr. Yamada has used to show activity regulates tau. ...

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