Pedro Pesini on Closing in on a Blood Test for Alzheimer’s?

COMMENT The article by Nakamura et al. is really good news for those who have been working on developing Aβ blood-based biomarkers for a long time.  The feeling in this particular research area, traditionally overwhelmed by controversy, started to change when the ...

Nancy Ip on Astrocytic IL-33 Signals Microglia to Engulf Synapses

COMMENT The study by Vainchtein et al. emphasizes the roles of glial cells in synapse refinement during neuronal circuit development. While the involvement of microglia in synaptic engulfment in postnatal development and neurological diseases is well established, ...

Douglas Galasko on Closing in on a Blood Test for Alzheimer’s?

COMMENT This plasma assay used IP-MS methodology, with standardization of plasma levels of Aβ42, 40, and a novel peptide by inclusion of Aβ38. The assay methods are well described, and the CV’s for the various plasma measures were low (around 5 percent). There ...

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