Benjamin Wolozin on Statins Reduce Brain Cholesterol Metabolite

COMMENT Multiple studies suggest that statin treatment can lower Aβ production and might be beneficial in treating AD. Cell biology studies show that cells or animals treated with statins exhibit less Aβ production. Statins also lower Aβ levels in humans. ...

Benjamin Wolozin on New Players on the Parkinson's Field

COMMENT The article by Martinez and colleagues identifies the calcium-binding protein calmodulin as a new binding partner for α-synuclein. This intriguing observation adds to the growing list of proteins that bind α-synuclein. This list includes phospholipase D, ...

Benjamin Wolozin on SUMO-Wrestling with APP?

COMMENT This article presents a novel regulatory mechanism for APP processing. Li et al. observe that increased expression of SUMO-3 increases production of Aβ and reduces production of APPsα. SUMO (small ubiquitin-like modifier) proteins are small peptides that ...

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