Benjamin Wolozin on A Homeo Run for the Vascular Hypothesis?

COMMENT Prior to the 1980s, the cause of death of elderly demented individuals was commonly listed as pneumonia. In the 1980s, Alzheimer disease gained increasing attention, in part due to the tireless efforts of pathologists, such as Robert Terry, and ...

Benjamin Wolozin on Atorvastatin, Vaccine Trial Data Published

COMMENT This week marks publication of a provocative study by Sparks et al. (Sparks et al., 2005). This study suggests that treatment with atorvastatin reduces the progression of Alzheimer disease (AD) in subjects with mild to moderate forms of the disease. The ...

Benjamin Wolozin on Statins and AD—What Role Isoprenoids?

COMMENT The paper by Cole and colleagues is a very elegant manuscript because it provides important new insights into how statins might affect APP processing. The observation that inhibition of isoprenoid metabolism increases intracellular Aβ accumulation is ...

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