Fred Van Leuven on MARK Homologue Sparks Tau Terror in Fruit Fly

COMMENT This excellent paper draws renewed attention to the (other) central problem in neurodegeneration in general and AD in particular: How does the tau pathology originate? This essentially boils down to the question of what is the initial kinase, i.e., the ...

Fred Van Leuven on Target BACE: Better Than Ever?

COMMENT This is exactly what we predicted (Dewachter and Van Leuven, 2002) or, as the Americans would put it, "what the doctor ordered…" The overall message of this study is loud and clear: BACE is hereby proven to be the favorite target for drug-makers ...

Fred Van Leuven on Prion Infection: Is RNA in the Mix, After All?

COMMENT Aggregation of protein tau is strongly catalysed by polyanions, including mRNA but also polyglutamate and heparin and glycosaminoglycans... That is in vitro! In vivo, in the cytosol or axon, protein tau probably sees so much polyanions that one wonders ...

Fred Van Leuven on Human Tau Is No Help to Worms

COMMENT This is an excellent study on a novel C. elegans model for FTDP-17 tauopathies, with an eventual bearing on AD. The worms were humanized for tau and overexpress either wild-type or mutant tau in isoform ¡§4R1N,¡¨ i.e., containing the four microtubule ...

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