Li-Huei Tsai on Aging and gene expression in the primate brain.

COMMENT This study provides more extensive and comprehensive analysis on the gene expression profile in human brains during aging. The authors show interesting data indicating that cerebellum ages less than cortex and that chimp cortex ages differently. The ...

Li-Huei Tsai on No Toxicity in Tau’s Tangles?

COMMENT In this study, SantaCruz and colleagues have created an inducible mutant tau transgenic model, and observed the neuropathological consequences of strategically turning on and off tau expression for set periods. Profound forebrain neurodegeneration and ...

Li-Huei Tsai on Cell Death: Time to Push It Out of the Doldrums

COMMENT Yong pointed out in his reply posted 6/24/2004 that the role of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) in the pathology and death of neurons is important. Identified over a decade ago as tau-phosphorylating entities purified from brain lysates, Cdk5 and GSK3 ...

Li-Huei Tsai on Tau Kinase Mediates Stroke Damage

COMMENT In this study, YM Lu and colleagues have unambiguously demonstrated the significance of S1232 phosphorylation of the NMDA receptor subunit NR2A by the p25/Cdk5 kinase in ischemic-induced CA1 neuronal death. They elegantly show that inhibition of p25/Cdk5 ...

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