John Trojanowski on Caught in the Act—Amyloid Damages Neurons

COMMENT This is a very interesting paper that adds to our understanding of the in-vivo biology of plaques, and it would be interesting to add further nuances to these insights by comparing the effects of diffuse versus neuritic plaques on the integrity of ...

John Trojanowski on Tackling Alzheimer’s from the Outside In

COMMENT The paper from the LaFerla lab is most interesting, and extremely well done, which I have mentioned in recent interviews to other news outlets. However, I do not think the data in this paper resolve controversies about the validity of the amyloid cascade ...

John Trojanowski on Huntington’s Protein Snarls Axonal Traffic

COMMENT These two reports from Scott Brady’s and Larry Goldstein’s laboratories are highly significant because they extend the concept that neurodegenerative disease is caused by impaired axonal transport, beyond more common disorders like Alzheimer's, to ...

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