Rudy Tanzi on An AD Gene Nugget on Chromosome 12?

COMMENT For a chromosome (chr 12) with only marginal genetic linkage signals, an unexpectedly large number of AD candidate genes have already been proposed over the past six years including A2M, LRP, OLR1, and LBP-1c. Now we need to add yet another, GAPD, which ...

Rudy Tanzi on The A2M Deletion, Revisited

COMMENT Response from Rudy Tanzi In Peter Hyslop's reply to the Alzheimer Forum News article on "A2M Revisited," he states: "The Rogaeva et al paper used the SAME family based association statistical methods as Blacker et al (ie the SDT and s ...

Rudy Tanzi on The A2M Deletion, Revisited

COMMENT Thanks for summarizing the three new A2M genetics papers and our reply in Nature Genetics (May 1999) in your "News" section this month. I wanted to share my thoughts on the controversy regarding the candidacy of A2M as a genetic risk factor for ...

Rudy Tanzi on In Search of γ-Secretase

COMMENT Reply to Ratan Bhat by Rudy Tanzi: The main problem with this hypothesis is that since the time of publication of the commentary by Tuck Finch and I in Science, we now know that PS2 does not bind β- or delta-catenin (Tesco et al., J. Biol Chem., 1998). ...

Rudy Tanzi on Sixth Int. Conference on AD: Genetics I

COMMENT As a quick comment regarding Luc Buee's summary of Dr. Lindsay Farrer's talk on the genetics of AD and chromosome 12 in the Genetics I session of the Sixth Int. Conference on AD in Amsterdam, Dr. Buee reports that Dr. Farrer's genetic ...

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