Takaomi Saido on Aβ Oligomers Purified from Human Brain

COMMENT Although I did not attend the Zilkha Symposium, I would like point the audience's attention to a classic study by Yu-Min Kuo and Alex Roher, whose title was “Water-soluble Aβ (N-40, N-42) Oligomers in Normal and Alzheimer Disease Brains" (Kuo ...

Takaomi Saido on Pathogenic Presenilin Mutations Generate Aβ43

COMMENT The PS1 gene appears to be a FAD mutation hot spot: More than 200 mutations have been identified (PSEN1 mutations). Does anyone know why? The age of onset varies from 30 to 60. In comparison, the number of APP mutations is smaller (APP mutations), ...

Takaomi Saido on Cancer Drug Clears Plaque, Improves Mouse Memory

COMMENT This work may generate a breakthrough in the field. However, I have one concern, i.e., the use of APP/PS1 mice as a model of AD. APP and PS1 contain 1 and 9 transmembrane domains, respectively. Overexpression of these proteins is likely to induce a non ...

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