Dave Morgan on Tackling Alzheimer’s from the Outside In

COMMENT There are two key features to this manuscript. The first is the obvious linkage between the presence of excess Aβ and the accumulation of early-stage phospho-tau variants. This is the first observation that reducing Aβ may slow the rate of tau filament ...

Dave Morgan on Primate Model Promising for Studying Aβ Vaccine

COMMENT This paper shows that immunization of aged monkeys against the Aβ peptide produces measurable antibody titers and sizeable increases in circulating Aβ levels. These data are consistent with the argument that anti-Aβ immunotherapy may reduce brain amyloid ...

Dave Morgan on The Alzheimer's Vaccination Story, Continued

COMMENT The paper by Hock et al from the Zurich group was very informative. Perhaps most interesting was the discussion regarding the one patient who had meningitis symptoms. This patient had antibody titers in CSF that equaled those in plasma, indicating a ...

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