Vincent Marchesi on Nicastrin—A DAPper Role in γ-Secretase

COMMENT The strength of this paper is the imaginative use of carefully crafted recombinant peptides to study a complicated process that is difficult to approach using conventional cell biological techniques. But one also has to keep in mind that no "native ...

Vincent Marchesi on Presenilin—Two Heads Better Than One?

COMMENT These are interesting experiments, but I think we have to be careful about interpreting experimetal results like these too literally. To say that cleavages occur at one "side" of a membrane, or in the "middle", so to speak, give the ...

Vincent Marchesi on BACE Goes Rafting after APP

COMMENT I think this issue is worth exploring, but I am concerned that the ability of a GPI-BACE chimera to cleave APP may be too artificial a model to tell us much about how the authentic BACE behaves. GPI-linked peptides would be expected to partition in rafts ...

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