Alexei Koudinov on Clearing the brain's amyloid cobwebs.

COMMENT Please see the following BMJ letter commenting on this and other related article: Alzheimer’s anti-amyloid vaccination and statins: two approaches, one dogma. The time for change. Alexei R. Koudinov, Natalia V. Koudinova BMJ 20 March 2002 [Full Text  ] ...

Alexei Koudinov on Predicting the failure of amyloid-beta vaccine.

COMMENT I highly recommend this letter and the following Acta Neuropathologica, Science and British Medical Journal letters: Dangers of the amyloid-beta vaccination. Smith MA, Joseph JA, Atwood CS, Perry G. Acta Neuropathol (Berl) 2002 Jul 104(1) 110 [PubMed] ...

Alexei Koudinov on Diagnosing the Early Stages of Alzheimer's

COMMENT This very interesting article presents important knowledge on how the apoE isoforms affect brain function, memory, and memory dysfunction. The functional aspect is a major plus, as it extends the simplistic consideration of seeing the role of apoE in ...

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