Gunnar Gouras on Caught in the Act—Amyloid Damages Neurons

COMMENT These interesting papers by Tsai et al. and Moolman et al. further support the idea that neuronal processes are important sites of damage during AD pathogenesis. A major question, of course, is why are processes being damaged? Is there any damage prior to ...

Gunnar Gouras on Pinning Prions to the Cytosol

COMMENT Mironov et al. utilize immuno-EM to localize PrPc within neurons and their processes in brain. Especially interestingly, they describe a subpopulation of neurons with markedly elevated PrPc labeling. More speculative is their interpretation that, in these ...

Gunnar Gouras on Intracellular Aβ in Alzheimer's Disease

COMMENT Reply to Sam Gandy by Gunnar Gouras We all agree that "full-blown" structural pathology (plaques and tangles) precede and accompany dementia. What we are especially considering is whether there is any role for intraneuronal Aβ in causing ...

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