Hugo Geerts on In Familial AD, Aβ Production Up, Clearance Down

COMMENT The study by Potter et al. on amyloid-β production measured in vivo in PS1 and PS2 carriers is a clever combination of clinical observations, imaging studies, physics, and computational compartmental modeling to better quantify the "biology" of ...

Hugo Geerts on CONCERT Trial of Dimebon Falls Flat

COMMENT This is another unfortunate setback to the Alzheimer's community of researchers, clinicians, and patients. A possible way to turn this into something positive is to perform failure analysis, an approach used in many other industries (think aerospace) ...

Hugo Geerts on FDA Deems U.S. Alzhemed Trial Results Inconclusive

COMMENT The Alzhemed study was disappointing for the actual treatment arm. But it does suggest – unexpectedly- that a substantial fraction of patients with the current Alzheimer medications (i.e. anticholinesterases and memantine) alone (the control arm) performs ...

Hugo Geerts on Reminyl Relabeled

COMMENT While the data on mortality in these investigative studies with galantamine in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) obviously give rise to the usual extra caution for treating this older group of patients, it is necessary to put the data in the right context. ...

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