Mark Cookson on A Step Toward Therapeutic RNA Interference

COMMENT Many groups have adopted siRNA or shRNA technologies as the method of choice for gene knockdown since it was first demonstrated that these techniques work for mammalian cells. Although there are previous demonstrations that one can inject siRNA duplexes ...

Mark Cookson on What the Fly Forgot—Aβ Expression in Drosophila

COMMENT The generation and phenotyping of Aβ40- and Aβ42-specific Drosophila transgenic lines make a valuable contribution to identifying the differences between these two peptides. By showing that both Aβ40 and Aβ42 form oligomers, but that only Aβ42 is ...

Mark Cookson on RNAi Struts Its Stuff in Brain, in Vivo

COMMENT Tools to selectively knock down specific mRNA species in cells and tissues have developed at a spectacular pace over the past few years (reviewed by Scherer and Rossi, 2003). A major advance was the development of short interfering RNA technology (siRNA), ...

Mark Cookson on New Players on the Parkinson's Field

COMMENT This is a great paper and an important step forward in two regards. Firstly, it makes all of us working on parkin reevaluate an important but unstated assumption, namely, that parkin acts as a single protein enzyme. The paper clearly shows that parkin can ...

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