Imaging Model Locates Epicenter of Disease, Predicts Atrophy

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-18 Research News In neurodegenerative diseases, specific brain regions take the brunt of pathology and atrophy. However, differences from one patient to another make it hard to predict the precise path of progression for any one person. Now, scientists led ...

Could Getting Enough REST Extend Your Life?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-18 Research News Why do some people age better than others? In the October 16 Nature, researchers led by Bruce Yankner at Harvard Medical School once again credit the repressor element 1-silencing transcription factor (REST). People who lived to a ripe old ...

Li-Huei Tsai on Could Getting Enough REST Extend Your Life?

COMMENT The need to understand drivers of healthy aging is critically important for today’s society, one that invests heavily in promoting longevity but continues to be burdened by age-associated impairments. In their recent paper, Zullo, Drake, and colleagues ...

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