Alberto Lleo on NfL: Useful in Differential Diagnosis?

COMMENT I found this study particularly interesting because NfL in CSF (and probably in plasma) may be incorporated soon in clinical routine to the current biomarker panel. The strength of NfL is that, since it is only expressed in the nervous system, it can ...

NfL: Useful in Differential Diagnosis?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-22 Research News In a comprehensive meta-analysis, scientists led by Claire Bridel, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, compared levels of neurofilament light in the cerebrospinal fluid of healthy controls and patients covering a spectrum of ...

Aβ Acts Through Pericytes to Throttle Brain Blood Flow

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-22 Research News In Alzheimer’s disease, blood flows sluggishly through the brain, partly because Aβ provokes small blood vessels to constrict. In the June 20 Science, researchers led by David Attwell at University College London blame this on pericytes, ...

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