Shiny SEQUIN: New Technique Counts Synapses Over Large Brain Volumes

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-06-01 Research News Synapses are central in Alzheimer’s disease, but they are hard to study. The microscopic techniques that offer a glimpse at these tiny structures require expensive equipment and laborious ultra-sectioning of brain tissue, and cover only very ...

PAPER Lesage S, Lunati A, Houot M, Romdhan SB, Clot F, Tesson C, Mangone G, Toullec BL, Courtin T, Larcher K, Benmahdjoub M, Arezki M, Bouhouche A, Anheim M, Roze E, Viallet F, Tison F, Broussolle E, Emre M, Hanagasi H, Bilgic B, Tazir M, Djebara MB, Gouider R, Tranchant C, Vidailhet M, Le Guern E, Corti O, Mhiri C, Lohmann E, Singleton A, Corvol JC, Brice A, French Parkinson disease Genetics Study Group (PDG)

Characterization of recessive Parkinson's disease in a large multicenter study.

Ann Neurol. 2020 May 30; PubMed: 32472966

PAPER Wesselman LM, van Lent DM, Schröder A, van de Rest O, Peters O, Menne F, Fuentes M, Priller J, Spruth EJ, Altenstein S, Schneider A, Fließbach K, Roeske S, Wolfsgruber S, Kleineidam L, Spottke A, Pross V, Wiltfang J, Vukovich R, Schild AK, Düzel E, Metzger CD, Glanz W, Buerger K, Janowitz D, Perneczky R, Tatò M, Teipel S, Kilimann I, Laske C, Buchmann M, Ramirez A, Sikkes SA, Jessen F, van der Flier WM, Wagner M

Dietary patterns are related to cognitive functioning in elderly enriched with individuals at increased risk for Alzheimer's disease.

Eur J Nutr. 2020 May 29; PubMed: 32472387

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