Sonal Agrawal

Rush University medical Center
Chicago, United States

ApoE4 Glia Bungle Lipid Processing, Mess with the Matrisome

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-08-16 Research News ApoE4 predisposes people to Alzheimer’s disease by modulating astrocytes and microglia, suggest researchers led by Julia TCW and Alison Goate at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York. In a preprint on bioRχiv, the researchers ...

AppNL-G-F/MAPT double knock-in

RESEARCH MODELS Summary App NL-G-F /MAPT double knock-in mice represent a unique model for studying the nexus between human Aβ and human tau. These mice were created by crossing App NL-G-F mice with MAPT knock-in mice. In the former line, the endogenous mouse App gene ...

MAPT knock-in

RESEARCH MODELS Summary It has been suggested that differences in mouse and human tau may partially underlie the difficulty in modeling Alzheimer’s disease in mice (see Alzforum webinar). In this knock-in model, the entire genomic sequence of murine Mapt from exon 1 to ...

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