Familial AD Mutations, β-CTF, Spell Trouble for Endosomes

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-08-19 Research News Faltering endosomal trafficking appears to be the common modus operandi by a range of familial Alzheimer’s mutations. In the August 14 Neuron, researchers led by Marc Tessier-Lavigne of Stanford University reported initial findings from a ...

Senior Fellow

JOB 2019-08-18 Employer University of Washington Contact Please contact Brian Kraemer at to express interest in the position. Description The laboratory of Brian Kraemer seeks a motivated individual who works well with others to join a mu,ltidisciplinary ...

Postdoctoral Fellow

JOB 2019-08-18 Employer University of North Carolina at Charlotte Contact Description To see full description, requirements and apply please visit: The successful candidate will join the laboratory of Kristen Funk in ...

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