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What BACE Hits: New Substrates Create New Headaches

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2021-04-09 Conference Coverage While the Alzheimer’s field absorbs full Phase 3 data from elenbecestat, the last of the terminated batch of BACE inhibitors (see Part 11 of this series), scientists are also digging deeper into the myriad biological effects of BACE1 ...

Drop of Hope? No Cognitive Worsening on BACE Inhibitor

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2021-04-09 Conference Coverage Can BACE inhibitors be resurrected as an Alzheimer’s therapy? Data presented at the 15th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, held virtually March 9–14, suggested that the possibility remains. Alas, the ...

Mark Forman

Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation
New York, United States

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